How Providers Can Advertise Their SEND Services

Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of our directory to promote your service or organisation

Within the SEND Directory you will find a guide on how to advertise. The guide explains how to enter your details so that people can find your service when they search for things they need.

Tips for writing your description

Describing your service or organisation can be difficult, it’s always tempting to cram as much information in as you can. But you don’t have to do this here because our directory uses a tick box system for you to list the details of your service.

If you get stuck trying to write your description, imagine you’ve just met someone who wants to know more about what you do, what would you say to introduce your service in the first 30 seconds?

Write this as your description, be friendly and use it as a chance to show the human face of your service. Tell people what’s different about what you do and write it as if you’re speaking to someone.

The people who search the directory for services might not have much time to read a long biography, so keep it brief and friendly.