Attendance And Inclusion Service

Offering support to pupils, parents and employers

Our Attendance and Inclusion Service provides support for children, young people and families where there are attendance and welfare issues.  This includes identifying and ensuring that children missing from education return to fulltime studies.

Schools will refer children to us if they are concerned about their attendance or behaviour at school.

These services are available to all parent and carers of children attending Local Authority maintained schools, Academies and Free Schools where there is a Service Level Agreement to purchase them. 

We provide support for pupils by

  • Finding out why children are absent from school
  • Helping to improve attendance
  • Referring them to other agencies and services
  • Making sure their educational needs are being met  

We provide advice for parents and carers by

  • On the issues affecting your child’s attendance and performance (including after permanent exclusion)
  • Sharing Information about support services (both Professional and within the community)
  • Around potential legal action (including completing Parenting contracts) 

We provide support for child employers by

  • Issuing Employment Permits
  • Offering legal advice
  • Looking into complaints about child employment

We provide advice for show producers by

  • Issuing Performance Licenses
  • Offering legal advice
  • Supervising and inspecting child performances
  • Looking into complaints about performances 

Other support includes

  • Advice with getting into schools and school transport
  • Working with families to make positive changes
  • Advice for parents who may be looking for other means of encouraging their child's development
  • Children Missing in Education - all children that reside in the UK are required and entitled to an education, there is a robust process in place to track all children into education

If we’re concerned about a child’s safety, we have to tell the Children’s Social Care team. We prosecute parents over unauthorised school absences. We oversee penalty notices for non-school attendance following a set code of conduct and where necessary working alongside the Police.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us or take a look at our Psychology and Behaviour Service page.