Work Permits For Children

What to do if you want to employ young people

If you’re an employer and you want to employ children (ages 13+), you’ll need to get a work permit. You’ll need to download a work permit application form and send this to us one week before the employment begins.

The form has to be signed by:

  • The employer
  • The child’s parent or guardian
  • The child’s school

Work permits are valid while the child is employed, or until they are school leaving age.

You should tell us if there’re any changes in their employment hours.

If their employment is threatening their health or performance at school, we may take away your work permit.

If you don’t register a child’s employment with us, they will not be included in the Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Risk assessment

Before the child can begin work, you’ll need to complete a risk assessment for the job. You’ll also need to let their parent or guardian know about the results.

Charity and voluntary work

Charity and volunteer employers who make profits must also get a work a permit to employ children. 

To learn more about child employment, please visit the NNCEE website.

Speak to our Child Employment & Performance Officer to find out more.