Child Performance Licence

If you want to work with and pay school-age children, you’ll need a performance licence 

Children performing in broadcast and non-broadcast work

If you want to employ school-age children, you’ll need to apply for a Performance Licence.

A Performance Licence is a legal document that explains why and when the child is performing. A performance is anything that is directed. This includes:

  • Performing on stage, in TV and film.
  • Working for a commercial business or charity that makes profits.
  • Playing professional sport.  
  • Working as a model.

The work will mean the child is:

  • Absent from school.
  • Performing for over four days within six months.

Applying for a licence

You should apply for the Licence if you’re responsible for the production. You’ll need a licence before the performance takes place.

The production company should complete part one of the application. The child’s parent or guardian should complete part two of the application.

We need your application 21 days before the performance takes place.

If we think the child’s education, health or safety will suffer, we won’t issue a licence.

Supporting documents

You should include the following supporting documents with the application:

  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Proof that the child can be absent from school.
  • A medical certificate (for television and film work).
  • A statement explaining the child is medically fit (for modelling and sports).

Looking after your child

If you can’t look after your child while they are performing, a Council-approved chaperone will look after them. The License-holder is responsible for arranging chaperones.