Home Education: What We Need To Do

When you decide to home educate your child, there are some things that we have to do

We’ll contact you annually to make sure you’re still home educating your child, and that we have the right contact details. You should let us know if you move house or if your child starts school.

If we ask you for information about what your child is learning, you can share this with us however you like. You may want to meet with one of our Elective Home Education Advisors (EHE), send a report or share some of your child’s work with us.

If we have concerns

We have to act if we suspect your child is not getting an education. In extreme circumstances, we may issue a School Attendance Order. This means you child has to become a pupil at a named school. It is illegal to not meet the order.

The order can be removed if you show us that your child is being appropriately educated.