Livingstone Academy

New School Opening in BCP Council in September 2021

From 1 March 2021 all applicants who applied by 31 October 2020 for their children to transfer to Livingstone Academy in Year 7 will find out whether they have been offered a place at the school. 

Parents/carers who applied using the online system will be able to log in to their accounts at 10am on this day (1 March 2021) to see their result.  Anyone who supplied an email address on their application will be emailed their offer letter throughout the day. Parents who applied using a paper form and did not provide a valid email address will be posted their letter on the evening of 1 March. 

This letter contains information about your next steps and it’s important that you read it fully.

How to apply for these new schools

If your child is due to start Reception or move up to Year 7 in September 2021 and you wish to be considered for a place at the new school, you must complete a separate application alongside your main application for a place at existing schools.

You will need to submit a paper form which is available on request by calling us on either:

The application for the new school is completely separate from the main allocation process. This is one of the few times that you would potentially receive an offer of two schools - one from the main application form you completed naming four existing schools, and a further offer of the new school if they can offer your child a place.

When the opening of the new schools is confirmed, you will be asked whether you wish to take up the place at the existing school or at the new school. If for any reason the school does not open as expected, by also applying for existing schools in the main process, your child will have had an alternative school place offered. 

What happens if I only apply for the new school

If the new school did not open in September 2021 as expected, you may find that all nearby schools have already filled. Available places at existing schools will then be very limited. It is very important that you also apply for existing schools in the normal process.