Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)

SACRE is responsible for writing and reviewing the local RE syllabus. They also review religious education and providing advice to schools

We are obliged by law to have a Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE).

The responsibilities of the SACRE are to:

  • review the locally agreed syllabus every 5 years, decide if it needs to be revised and undertake any revision
  • advise on religious education, making sure it is provided in line with the syllabus
  • monitor the provision and quality of religious education taught, together with the overall effectiveness of the syllabus
  • provide advice and support on the effective teaching of religious education in accordance with the local agreed syllabus
  • advise on maintaining the quality and standards of religious education
  • advise schools on methods of teaching the agreed syllabus, including the choice of teaching materials
  • decide whether the agreed syllabus for religious education needs to be reviewed and instruct that this is completed
  • publish an annual report on its activities
  • advise on collective worship in schools (this does not include voluntary aided or voluntary controlled schools)
  • consider requests from head teachers to hold collective worship that is not of a broadly Christian character
  • advise on matters relating to training for teachers in religious education and collective worship

Constitution, Agreed Syllabus and Annual Report 

SACRE Meeting Minutes