Moving School During the School Year

Known as "In Year" Applications

Moving to Bournemouth

If you are planning to move to Bournemouth and need a school place for a child who is already attending school, it's important that you contact us to find out where there are places available. 

Our Children's Information Service can talk you through the process and advise you where there are spaces. You can contact them on:

In some cases we need proof of address. It may save time later if you provide this with your application. We accept the following as proof of address:

  • Signed tenancy agreement
  • Most recent council tax bill
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Utility bill (water, gas or electric only) dated within the last three months

If you are moving to Bournemouth from overseas, you will also need to present your original passports (and if applicable, visas) for the whole family. This is so we know you are here in Bournemouth ready to take up any place offered. You should look at the most recent government guidance on admissions applications for overseas children to see if your child is eligible to attend a state funded school.

You can apply apply online or complete a paper form. If you apply online, please ensure you also provide us with a completed form from your child's current or most recent school

Page 3 of the application must be completed by your child's current or previous school. We cannot process any applications without this page completed. Please ensure we have all the information requested before you submit your application or it may be delayed. 

Moving from a local school

Changing your child's school part way through the year is a big decision. There are some situations where you can't avoid it, like moving house. If there are other reasons for changing schools, you should:

  • discuss the reason you want to change schools with your child's current school
  • understand that in year places aren't always available
  • consider the impact on your child as they leave friends and a familiar environment
  • think about whether a new school can offer your child the courses or exams they want to take, particularly during GCSE or A level courses

We operate a co-ordinated admissions process with the majority of schools in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. This means there is one application and one offer per pupil.

You can apply online or on a paper form

Page 3 of the application must be completed by your child's current or previous school. Applications received without this page completed and signed cannot be processed. Please ensure we have all the information requested before submitting your application or it may be delayed.

School Admission Policies

Admission Policies for all mainstream Bournemouth schools are available in our Primary and Secondary booklets. Read the policies for the schools you are interested in before you apply, to make sure the school is right for you.