Schools in Bournemouth

Schools available for all age ranges
Schools in Christchurch (independent schools not included)
 School Name Address Age Range
Burton CE Primary School  Campbell Road, BH23 7JY   4 to 11
 Christchurch Infant School Addiscombe Road, BH23 2AE   4 to 7
 Christchurch Junior School  Clarendon Road, BH23 2AA  7 to 11
Highcliffe School  Parkside, BH23 4QD  11 to 18
 Highcliffe St Mark Primary School  Greenways, BH23 5AZ  4 to 11
 The Grange School Redvers Road, BH23 3AU  11 to 18
 Mudeford Community Infant School  Queen's Road, BH23 3HH  4 to 7
 Mudeford Junior School  Mudeford Lane, BH23 3HP  7 to 11
Parkfield School  Hurn, BH23 4DF   4 to 16
The Priory CE VA Primary School   Wick Lane, BH23 1HX 4 to 11 
Somerford Primary School Draper Road, BH23 3AS 3 to 11
St Joseph's Catholic VA Primary School Dorset Road, BH23 3DA 4 to 11
Twynham Primary School Marsh Lane, BH23 2NH 4 to 11
Twynham School Sopers Lane, BH23 1JF 11 to 18

Schools in Bournemouth (independent schools not included)

School Name Address Age Range
Avonbourne Boys' Academy Harewood Avenue, BH7 6NY 11 to 19
Avonbourne Girls' Academy  Harewood Avenue, BH7 6NY 11 to 19 
 Avonwood Primary  Harewood Avenue, BH7 6NB 3 to 11 
Bethany CE Junior School  Knole Rd, Boscombe, BH1 4DJ   7 to 11
Bournemouth School  East Way, BH8 9PY   11 to 18
Bournemouth School for Girls  Castle Gate Close, Castle Lane West, BH8 9UJ 11 to 18 
Christ the King Catholic Primary School  Durdells Ave, Kinson, BH11 9EH  3 to 11 
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School  St James's Square, Boscombe, BH5 2BX  4 to 11 
Elm Academy Holloway Avenue BH11 9JN   3 to 11
 Glenmoor Academy Beswick Ave, Ensbury Park, BH10 4EX   11 to 16
Heathlands Primary Academy Andrews Close, Springwater Road, BH11 8HB  3 to 11 
Hill View Primary School  Hill View Road, Ensbury Park, BH10 5BD   4 to 11
Jewell Academy  Jewell Road, Townsend, BH8 0LT  4 to 11 
King's Park Academy  Ashley Road, Boscombe, BH1 4NB  4 to 11 
Kingsleigh Primary School  Hadow Road, BH10 5HT  3 to 11 
Kinson Primary School  School Lane, Kinson, BH11 9DG  4 to 11 
LeAF Studio  Holloway Avenue, BH11 9JW  14-19 
Linwood School  Alma Road, Winton, BH9 1AJ 3 to 19 
Malmesbury Park Primary School   Lowther Road, BH8 8LU  3 to 11
Moordown St John's C of E Primary School  Vicarage Road, BH9 2SA   4 to 11
Muscliff Primary School Broadway Lane, Throop, BH8 0AB   4 to 11
 Oak Academy Duck Lane, BH11 9JJ  11 to 18 
Pokesdown Primary School   Livingstone Road, BH5 2AS 4 to 11 
Queen's Park Infant Academy  East Way, BH8 9PU  4 to 7 
Queen's Park Academy  East Way, BH8 9PU  7 to 11 
St Clement's & St John's CE Infant School  St Clements Road, Boscombe, BH1 4DZ  4 to 7 
St James' C of E Academy  Pokesdown Hill, Christchurch Road, BH7 6DW  4 to 11 
St Katharine's C of E (V.A) Primary School Rolls Drive, BH6 4NA 4 to 11
St Luke's C of E Primary School Beminster Road, Winton, BH9 1LG 4 to 11
St Mark's C of E Primary School Talbot Village, BH10 4JA 4 to 11
St Michael's C of E Primary School  Somerville Road, BH2 5LH  3 to 11 
St Peter's Catholic Primary School Holdenhurst Avenue, BH7 6RG  4 to 11 
St Peter’s Catholic School St Catherine’s Road, BH6 4AH  11 to 18 
St Walburga's Catholic Primary School  Malvern Road, BH9 3BY   4 to 11
Stourfield Infant School  Cranleigh Road, Southbourne, BH6 5JS  4 to 7 
Stourfield Junior School Stourvale Road, Southbourne, BH6 5JG  7 to 11 
The Bishop of Winchester Academy Mallard Rd, BH8 9PW  11 to 18 
The Bourne Academy Hadow Rd, BH10 5HS  11 to 18 
The Epiphany School  Shillingstone Drive, Muscliff, BH9 3PE  4 to 11 
Tregonwell Academy  Petersfield Road, BH7 6QP  5 to 16 
Winton Academy  Winton Way, Ensbury Park, BH10 4HT   11 to 16
Winton Primary School  Oswald Road, BH9 2TG  4 to 11