What We Do

We work with young people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to realise their potential and contribute positively to their communities

What We Do

Our ambition is that young people aged 13-19:

  • Feel they are cared for and that they are safe and secure
  • Are healthy and feel positive about themselves and their future
  • Are positively participating in education, learning or employment so that they are able to fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions
  • Are well prepared for adulthood and making a positive contribution to their community 

What We Offer

Individual Support for Young People

Specifically to help young people overcome barriers which are preventing them participating in education, employment or training.

Positive Activities for Young People

We work together with young people, communities, voluntary organisations and other partners to ensure there's a wide range of high quality activities and support services which improve young people's well-being and help them reach their potential.

Online Information and Support for Local Young People

Through our website http://www.b-townyouth.co.uk/, and social network links.

Support Groups for Young People Facing Particular Issues

We provide group work activities to develop and support young people who are particularly vulnerable due to issues such as being a young carer, social isolation, having a learning difficulty or being a young parent. 

Opportunities for Young People Volunteering and to Influence Decision Making

We provide opportunities for young people to have their voice heard, influence decision making and contribute positively to their communities through volunteering. 


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Youth Service

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Youth Service

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