Become A Childminder

How you can become a childminder

Ofsted have produced a quick guide to registering as a childminder. 

Register with Ofsted

You need to register with Ofsted before you can look after children from birth to eight years old.

To work with children from birth to five you must also:

Book a briefing session or home visit

Book onto a briefing session or arrange a home visit from one of the Early Years Development Team to find out all about becoming a childminder.

It costs £15* to join a briefing session, which must be paid for at least two weeks before the session. 

Or you could book a personalised briefing session at your home for £25*. The home visit offers the added benefit of a professional highlighting the potential and appeal of your business premises for prospective parents and their children. The home visit must be completed within six weeks of payment.

*Please note that once payment has been received, booking charges for both the briefing session and home visit are non-refundable.

Childcare Business Sustainability and Sufficiency

Please see our useful guide and tools for local childcare providers to assist with your childcare business. 

Becoming a home childcarer

(sometimes known as a nanny or au pair)

A home childcarer provides care for children from birth up to age 18 at the home of the children. The children must be from no more than two families at any one time. Nannies and au pairs are examples of home childcarers.

You can apply to the voluntary part of the Childcare Register. If you join the register voluntarily you’ll get a certificate, and the parents of the children you care for may be able to get other types of support including help with childcare costs.

You’ll need to pay a registration fee and annual fee, and you can be inspected by an Ofsted.

Not everyone can become a childminder or childcarer

Some things can disqualify you from registering as a childminder or childcarer, please see the Ofsted website for registration exemptions.

Useful early years websites

We have put together a list of useful websites which may be helpful.