Childcare Awards

Bournemouth's childcare heroes announced

Our winners were announced at the Early Years Sector Awards on Wednesday 13 March.

This will be our 13th year of awards!

  • Outstanding Contribution to Early Years is Cheryl Hadland

Celebrating Cheryl's inspirational 30 years in childcare. From the very first Tops opening in Parkstone in 1990 with 4 children, to having over 3000 now at 27 settings. An amazing achievement. 

  • Children's Centre Worker of the Year is Frankie Warner
    Judged by Graham Farrant, Chief Executive, BCP Shadow Council

"Pregnant, homeless and with no clue about what to do. I was introduced to her and from that point on, she guided me through the most difficult and lonely time of my life. She provided me with strength, a safe sanctuary filled with hope, friendship and joy.  She gave me food, friendship and helped me find housing. Six years on, I know that without her I would not have reached the point that I am at today. A single mother, working full time with a life plan. I cannot put into words the impact on mine and my daughter’s life she had, owing to her outstanding kindness. She never gave up on me when everyone else did."

  • Childminder of the Year is Anna Hamilton
    Judged by Patricia Marchiori

"Extremely friendly, always happy and nice to both parents and children. She teaches languages, music, vocal, dancing, instruments, life skills. I get videos and photos of my child every day with her performances. She takes my child to pony rides, farms to pick up food, to animal farm where my child is bottle feeding baby goats. She is building dens in New Forest and does survival trips including map reading and compass use. Every year we have 'integration parties' (charity events 'race for life’, Christmas, where all minded children and families meet together). My childminder does all entertainment to make us feel like ONE FAMILY! During the last 10 years, I have had my three children in this setting."

  • Children's Centre Volunteer of the Year is Sarah Hayward 

"She is a volunteer that runs a group. She is amazing. She is always happy to help or talk with anyone. She does her best to make sure that everyone can get to the group. She bought the group, and all the children, little Christmas gifts. She always arranges brilliant activities. She has no expectations from anyone and accepts everyone. I'm very shy and I don't talk a lot and she always makes sure to involve me. She is lovely to my baby and is always happy to hold her to give me a little breather. She has been a huge help for my mental health in the 7 months since I've known her."

  • Day Nursery Worker of the Year is Rebecca Prude
    Judged by Sue Whitelock

"She goes over and above to nurture, teach, guide and provide hours of fun for the children she cares for. She ensures every child (and their parents!) feel valued. She provides detailed feedback about the wonderful activities enjoyed, whether that be dressing up as woodland creatures for a nature charity walk, innovative craft for all seasons and festivities, reading, singing, dancing and invoking the imagination role play. The learning and care she provides is so much more than a day nursery. She works with each child to help them grow, develop and learn the ways of the world. Our daughter is proud to tell us about her day. We really can't thank her enough for caring for our pride and joy and filling her early years with fun, learning and life skills."

  • Pre-school Worker of the Year is Tracy Lay
    Judged by Councillor Chris Wakefield

"I am delighted to nominate this wonderful lady. She works with a lot of 2 year old children. A diverse mix of abilities and additional needs. She is wonderful with the children she works with. Always so calm, smiling, approachable and knows exactly how to handle tricky situations within her work. She really is an amazing role model for children, staff and parents. She is always on hand to help when needed. This lady truly deserves an award for everything that she does. No words could describe her, watching her work is exceptionally inspiring."

  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) of the Year is Danielle Tubb
    Judged by Councillor Simon Bull

"She has exceeded all my expectations as a parent of a child with special needs. She anticipates what we need from her and the help she gives my son is above and beyond what she should. Her dedication to ensuring all necessary follow ups are done and paperwork is completed and that we are made fully aware of what is happening and what the next step is. She relieves such a burden of worry from me as a mum."

Children's Centre Partner Awards - Winners List

  • Overall Borough Partner was awarded to
    Wave FM for their Cash for Kids project

  • Bournemouth Borough Council Partner was awarded to
    Frontline Debt Advice

  • Barnardo's Partner was awarded to
    HomeStart (Haven Group)

  • YMCA Partner was awarded to
    Community Nursery Nurses Stacey Emerson and Tannya Godfrey from the Health Visiting Team.

Other awards presented on the night

Special Recognition Award

  • Amy Alderson
  • Carmela Coady
  • Kelly Yates
  • Sue Johnson

Outstanding Ofsted Inspections

  • Emma's Day Nursery & Pre-School
  • Little Ambers Nursery
  • Abigail Jones
  • Sally Biggs

Silver Hey

  • Alphabet Nursery

We couldn't end the last Bournemouth Childcare Awards without one final presentation to Kay Errington who is regarded so highly by all of us. Thank you for everything.

Thank you too to Councillor Nicola Greene for getting the evening off to such a great start. The event was full of laughter, tears and joy. It was a pleasure to spend an evening in such wonderful company.

A big thank you to our presenters and judges for your support and for those who took the time to write nominations.

All nominations made for these awards have been sent to individuals. 

Congratulations to all our worthy winners for the difference you make to local children and their families every day.

You are all heroes!