Your Child's Interests And Needs

Finding a good ‘fit’ for your child’s personality and interests is really important when considering childcare options.

What is your child like?

  • Is your child happiest outside? If this is the case, you should look for a childcare setting that provides plenty of outside play.
  • Is your child very sociable and happy in a large group environment such as a day nursery, or would they prefer the more one-to-one care that a childminder could offer?

When you decide on a childcare provider, keep your child's personality and interests in mind. Finding a childcare provider that's a good 'fit' will help your child settle in more easily.


  • Does the childcare setting provide meals or is this something that you need to provide each day? If so, is there an additional charge for this, and will you have a say in what your child is offered?
  • Does your child have any special dietary requirements and can these be catered for?
  • When will they eat? Take into consideration the time that your child will get home and whether this falls around their normal meal time. In which case, it may be easier if they eat before they leave the childcare setting. This can help in case you get stuck in traffic, or just for the pure ease of not having to cook the minute you walk through the door.

Children with additional needs

If your child has additional needs, ask how these will be met.

Every childcare setting must have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or SENCo. The SENCo has overall responsibility for any children with additional needs. They will liaise with you and other professionals who may be involved with the family. Ask who they are and what involvement they will have with your child.

There's other local support for children with additional needs.