Integrated Review at Two

Early Years practitioners and Health Visiting Teams will be working together to ensure all two year olds have a integrated review at two.

When a child is two, their parents are sent an ASQ3 questionnaire to complete on their child’s development and they are invited to attend a health review which is conducted by a health professional, usually a child’s health visitor or a community nursery nurse.

If a child attends a childcare provider, such as a day nursery, preschool or childminder, they will also invite the parents to a discussion about their child’s development in relation to areas of learning. They will base the information they have discussed with you to complete an ‘EYFS progress check at two’.

The integrated review is the bringing together of information from these two reviews to ensure that a complete picture of a child’s development can be drawn and shared.

Below are documents that will explain how integrated reviews are conducted in Bournemouth:

Survey on the Integrated Review at Two

We would like you to share your views on the Integrated Review. 

Please complete this short survey so that we can continue to develop and strengthen our joint working with partners. 

As you are aware, we have been working across Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth to implement an Integrated 2 Year Pathway. We would like to explore how the first year has gone by giving you an opportunity to give feedback on the pathway and identify any positive impacts or barriers.

Thank you for your input.

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