Transfer Record Information

Details about the Transition Event and Transfer Record Forms for Childcare Practitioners. 

Transfer record forms are a vital tool in ensuring a smooth transition for children entering school.

The knowledge that childcare practitioners have about children’s learning and development is highly valued.

The transfer record form, coupled with the annual transition event, ensures that schools can prepare for children effectively.

Please complete the transfer record form and bring it along to either the Bournemouth or Christchurch event.

We greatly appreciate the time and effort which is spent on completing the transfer record forms and assure you the information is used.

Please ensure that any SEN concerns or intervention is recorded accurately as this is very important for schools to plan their class splits.

For the successful sharing of information, it is essential that parents sign the transfer record form. Please note, any forms not signed by parents/carers will not be shared during the transition event.

Once again, we are hosting the transition events.

Bournemouth Transition Event 

Early Years Centre for Professional Development, East Way, BH8 9PU on Thursday 6 June from 4 - 7pm.

Christchurch Transition Event

Somerford Children's Centre, Draper Road, Somerford, Christchurch, BH23 3AS Thursday 20 June 4:30 -7pm.

This event will be on CPD online in April to register and further details will be included on fortnightly emails over the next few months. For those of you who may not have attended before, this event is an opportunity for providers to meet with receiving schools to discuss individual children and hand over the transfer record forms.

Transfer Record Form - Word Version

Transfer Record Form - PDF

If you have difficulty printing them please email us and we can send you hard copies.

If you require any guidance on completing the forms, please contact BCP Council Early Years Service on: 01202 456343