Health Team

Health Workers offer a holistic assessment for young people coming to the attention of Dorset Combined Youth Offending Service (DCYOS)

Treatment is then provided for identified problems with substance misuse, emotional and mental health, physical health and sexual health.

Young people who commit offences often need support with health issues. Alcohol and drug use can contribute to offending behaviour. Sometimes there can be issues with emotional or mental health. This could be depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These issues can play a part in offending behaviour by a young person and affect their lives on a day to day basis.

What to expect

Each young person who comes to the YOS is assessed by their allocated worker. This is to understand the reasons for their offending. If the assessment indicates that health issues, such as substance misuse, have contributed to the young person's offending, then the YOS officer may refer the young person to our health team.

The YOS health team consists of four nurses and a part-time Psychologist. At the start of their contact with a young person they carry out a general health assessment to cover alcohol use, drug use, mental and emotional health, physical health and sexual health.

The next step is health worker and young person agree a care plan for the work they will do together.

What help can be offered

Sometimes the work is focused on increasing the young person's knowledge and understanding. For example in relation to the effects of alcohol or drugs. Sometimes the YOS Health Worker will work with the young person to help them to make changes to their behaviour. For example, if a young person is misusing alcohol or cannabis. It may not be realistic to expect them to stop completely.

Instead it might be more practical to help the young person to reduce their use of alcohol or cannabis. This is so they are less likely to re-offend or cause harm to themselves.

Partner agencies who can also help

The YOS health team has good links with partner agencies for substance misuse Also with the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for emotional and mental health issues.

Whilst our workers are able to undertake a lot of the work themselves, there are times when a referral is needed to a partner agency. For example if the court order is coming to an end and there is still work to be done. Or if the level of need is particularly acute.

There are also times when a young person is already in contact with another agency, but may need the support of our health worker in order to attend appointments or to follow recommended treatment plans.

The YOS Health Team

The YOS health team is one of the main substance use treatment providers for young people across Dorset. We participate actively in countywide substance use planning and implementation groups, at managerial and practitioner level.

It is also important to us, to be able to work on other health issues affecting the young person. This includes mental health. We believe that the various health issues are inter-related. We think that it is better for young people to deal with a single worker than to have to meet with different workers for each type of health issue.

If you would like more information, please contact the YOS office. Ask to speak to someone in the health team.

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