What is Reparation

Reparation simply means repairing or making amends for the offence and the harm done. One way that offenders can say sorry for their behaviour is through giving something back into the community.

This can also help them face the consequences of their offending and in some cases develop positive interests.

Reparation normally takes the form of some unpaid work carried out by the young person, supervised by a Youth Offending Service (YOS) worker. Each session normally lasts three hours and the number of sessions depends on the length of the sentence and the seriousness of the offence.

Victims of crime are always consulted by the team and given the opportunity to say how the young person can make amends for the crime they committed. Wherever possible, the type of reparation is determined by the views of the victim.

Direct Reparation

In some cases, the victim is able to identify an appropriate activity for the young person to do, which is of direct benefit to the victim. Or the victim may want the young person to raise money for a particular charity. Previous examples of direct reparation have included:

  • Working in shops-where theft occurred.
  • Painting a fence or gardening work for victim.
  • Working for local councils where damage had been caused.
  • Washing victim's cars.

Indirect Reparation

Many victims do not have an appropriate activity for the young person to do. Instead they can be offered a range of possible activities and can choose which activity the young person should do.

Community Based Reparation

The idea of community based reparation is that the young person undertakes an activity which is of benefit to the wider community, rather than directly for the victim. Dorset Combined Youth Offending Service maintains some projects around the county, as well as with local organisations, that enable young people to do work for the good of the community. The aim is also to enable the young person to develop some useful skills, and possibly to find an activity that interests them and which they can carry on with.


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