Lost Dogs

We deal with stray dogs. If you’ve lost a dog, or found one, let us know

A dog is ‘stray’ when it’s out by itself, or is unsupervised for a long period of time. A lost dog is a vulnerable dog. It’s our responsibility to make sure no dog goes without a home.

By law, we must pick up any stray dog that has been reported to us. We will do our best to reunite them with their owners.

We hold lost dogs for seven full days. After this time we must try to find the dog a new home. If a dog has a tag, we won’t have to send the dog away. We contact you and reunite you with your dog.

The Police no longer take responsibility for stray dogs and will not accept them at the Police station.

Collars and tags

If you own a dog, you must make sure that your contact details are clearly visible on your dog’s collar. A lost dog without a collar and tag is almost impossible to reunite with their owner.

Not having a collar and tag on your dog while out in the public is illegal. This is even if your dog is micro chipped. The maximum fine is £5000.

Compulsory Microchipping for Dogs from April 2016

From 6th April 2016 all adult dogs must be microchipped by the time the law comes into effect. All puppies over 8 weeks old must also be chipped thereafter.

Most vet practices offer a microchipping service as do many animal rescue centres and groomers and charge around £20. If your dog is already chipped you must make sure that the information held on the register is up to date.

I’ve lost my dog, what do I do?

If you lose your dog, call our Animal Welfare Service on 01202 123789.

Tell us:

  • what your dog looks like
  • where and when it was lost
  • if your dog has a collar and tag

We check each dog against our register to check if a lost report has been put in. If we find your dog, we’ll call you.

Please let us know if you find your dog so we can remove your dog’s details from our register.

Picking up my dog

Turning up, confirming that the dog is yours and paying for our services proves that you’re a caring and responsible owner. If you are unable to pay the charge, we won’t be able to hand back your dog.

Our fees include:

  • The cost of seizure of the dog by the dog warden
  • Vaccination by a veterinary surgeon
  • Kennel fees, which are charged on a daily basis

I’ve found a stray, what do I do?

If you find a dog, call our Animal Welfare Service on 01202 123789.

We’ll check the dog’s description with our record of lost dogs to see if there is a match. If no owner has come forward or the owner is not contactable, we’ll collect the dog that same day. We’ll take the dog to a secure kennel and look after it.

If we know who the owner is, we’ll call them to let them know that their dog has been found. They will need to pay before the dog will be returned to them.