Problems With Dogs

We make sure dog owners keep to the law regarding their dogs' barking and fouling

Our Animal Welfare team deal with many dog issues, such as dog fouling, barking or strays.

Problems with dog barking

Some dogs bark when left alone and bored. However, a dog who barks continuously could be in distress. In these cases, ignoring the issue may not be the best thing to do. 

If you have a problem with a barking dog, the first thing you should do is talk with the owner. They may not be aware of their dog’s noise.

Problems with dog fouling

If you don’t clean up your dog’s mess, you will be fined £50.00. If the fine is not paid, the matter could be taken further. The maximum fine is £1000.

If you are aware of a recurring problem with dog fouling, contact us. You’ll need to know how often the fouling happens and the dog owner’s address if known. The details of people who complain to us are kept fully confidential.