Community and Living

There are lots of things to get involved in as a resident of Bournemouth.

Help the community and the environment, making Bournemouth an even better place to live.

Helping the Community

You can help out in a number of different ways. Charities and volunteer groups always need support and new members.

Crime and Disorder

Find out how to report crime here, this includes domestic violence and hate crime. You can also learn what we’re doing to tackle crime.

Help with drugs and/or alcohol

If you need help with a drug or alcohol problem or are concerned about someone else.


Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The STP sets out how improvements to our health and care services

Animals and Wildlife

We take care of stray dogs and dog waste. However, dog owners must follow public laws. You can report dead animals to us and we’ll remove them.

Living in Bournemouth

There’s more to Bournemouth than the beach. We’re making it a great place to live as well as to visit by looking after the town