CCTV In Bournemouth

Stopping crime and keeping you safe

Our CCTV system is made up of cameras around Bournemouth. Some of these are fixed, while others can zoom in, pan and tilt. All images go to our CCTV Control Room.

By using CCTV we aim to:

  • Help detect crime by providing evidence in criminal proceedings
  • Prevent and reduce crime, public disorder and anti-social behaviour
  • Help the police track and capture people suspected of committing crime
  • Help identify witnesses
  • Support Dorset Police and the Safer and Stronger Communities partnership’s 'Make Dorset Safer' campaign.
  • To help improve the town
  • To help improve traffic management in Bournemouth

CCTV camera locations and arcs of observation.

Privacy Impact Assessment 2018

Privacy Notice 2018

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Self Assessment Tool 2018

CCTV Request Form

Subject Access Request - Guidance for Customers


Code of Practice

When we use CCTV we have to follow government guidelines.

Our Code of Practice is based on the 12 Guiding Principles listed in the Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013.

More information about our CCTV service performance

Moveable cameras

Some of our CCTV cameras are mobile. We can use them temporarily in areas of most need.

Read our guidelines to find out how the mobile cameras are used.