Putting up posters or signs without permission is illegal

Flyposting is when someone puts up posters, banners, or signs without permission. This includes posters such as; adverts for events, sales, even home-made birthday or anniversary banners.

Flyposting is illegal. It is unsightly and roadside banners can distract drivers.

What we do about flyposting

Our goal is to remove any posters put up without permission within 3 days of the problem being reported to us.

Wherever possible we prosecute people who illegally post signs or advertising.

How to report a flyposting problem?

If you see someone illegally posting signs or advertising, you can contact us anonymously using the ‘Report’ button.

Please give us as much information as possible including the following:

  • Where is the flyposting? (such as, on a wall, roundabout, railings, by the roadside, on lamp-posts)
  • What is it advertising?
  • Did you see who put up the flyposting?

If you see the person who puts up the poster, banner or sign please try to give us the following information. But don’t put yourself in danger.

  • What day, date and time did you see the flyposting take place?
  • How many people were involved? Can you describe them?
  • Did they use any vehicles (colour, make and registration number)?
  • Was there a company name or any other writing on any of the vehicles?
  • Where were you? How good a view did you have?
  • You can give your details if you are prepared to help us to prosecute by agreeing to make a statement about the incident.