Dealing with Noise Nuisance

Noise is a form of pollution that we can all do something about

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognise you’re causing a problem until someone tells you. 

A little common sense and thought can make a real difference to the comfort and health of our neighbours.

What to do if you're bothered by noise

Noise from neighbours can cause annoyance, lack of sleep, stress, and generally affect quality of life. If you are bothered by noise, follow these steps.

1. Don't retaliate

This will only serve to increase tension between you and your neighbours. It will also complicate matters and may even jeopardise any court action, even if you have a justified complaint. Another possibility is that counter complaints may be made about you.

2. Speak to your neighbour first but only if you feel comfortable and it is safe to do so

Often the best way forward is to discuss the problem with your neighbour. An investigation by the Council can lead to a serious breakdown in neighbour relations and may not always successfully stop the noise.

3. Consider writing to your neighbour

Should talking with your neighbour not resolve the problem or you feel unable to approach your neighbour, you could consider writing to them. Here is an example of a suitable letter.

4. Get help from a third party

If neither your personal approach or your letter resolves the problem, mediation may be a useful option to consider. It is a voluntary process in which trained mediators help you and your neighbour work together to reach a mutually acceptable solution. If you wish to use this service Mediation Dorset can be contacted on 01305 257717

Report the matter to us

If you are unable to reach an amicable solution or you feel unable to approach the person responsible for the noise, we may be able to help. If a Statutory Noise Nuisance is proven we will serve an Abatement Notice under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.