Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

Working within the Neighbourhood Policing Team with specific devolved powers to tackle anti-social behaviour and create a safer community.

What is the scheme?

The Community Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) began in Boscombe in July 2016 for an initial period of 1 year. The scheme was then reviewed to assess effectiveness, the benefits and the value for money. It was decided to grant CSAS with powers for a further three years until 2020.

What do the Boscombe CSAS officers do?

CSAS officers patrol the precinct area in order to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve the environment for those visiting, living in and working in Boscombe.

They work together with the police on low level crime and disorder to make safer communities for individuals to live, work and visit. They are valued within Boscombe and act as a visible uniformed presence for the community.

The CSAS officers are fully integrated within the Neighbourhood Policing Team. They are tasked by members of the public, shopwatch radio and airwave radio.

Powers designated to officers:

  • Require name and address for anti social behaviour
  • Require name and address for the offence of begging
  • Seize alcohol in designated area
  • Seize alcohol from a person under 18 years of age

The scheme so far:

  • 1062 incidents attended October 16- July 17
  • Powers used 1003 times within this period
  • Police attendance only required at 8.3% of incidents
  • All incidents attended within 1 hour