Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

What is CSAS?

CSAS (Community Safety Accreditation Scheme) is a voluntary scheme under which the Chief Constables can choose to accredit people working in roles which contribute to maintaining and improving community safety, with limited but targeted powers.  In Bournemouth, we use the scheme as a patrolling function to tackle anti-social behaviour & disorder and promote a safe & welcoming place for those who work, live and visit the town.

About the scheme

Following the successful introduction and delivery of CSAS in Boscombe since 2016, and having identified a need for a similar scheme in central Bournemouth, the Council and Dorset Police launched CSAS in the Town Centre and Westbourne from Summer 2018.  Council employed staff who are seconded as members of the Neighbourhood Policing team are a visual presence with accredited powers.  This team refer directly into support services to ensure vulnerable individuals can access support.  They also hold an enforcement function and work closely with the Council's anti-social behaviour team.

Currently four officers are employed, two in each scheme.  CSAS officers are clearly visible as their uniforms display the CSAS logo and note that they are Community Safety Accredited officers.  

The powers accredited to the individuals through both Bournemouth Borough Council and CSAS accreditation will be:

  • The power to require name and address for those acting anti-socially
  • The power to require name and address for those who are begging
  • The power to remove alcohol from those under 18
  • The power to confiscate alcohol from those acting anti-socially

It is an offence to refuse to comply with the request of a CSAS officer.


Outcomes of the Boscombe Scheme

Since the inception of the scheme in Boscombe, the feedback from residents, visitors and businesses has been positive.  There have been over 1000 incidents attended, with officers needing assistance from the Police in less that 8% of cases.  There has been an increase in enforcement action against those acting in an anti-social manner and also an increase in support referrals to partner agencies. 

The 2017 Boscombe Opinion Survey shows an increase in those feeling safe in the day and a decrease in the perception of anti-social behaviour being an issue.  We are hoping for similar results with the new Town Centre scheme.