About Operation Galaxy

Working together to raise housing standards, improve fire safety and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour

Operation Galaxy is multi agency project which we lead jointly with Dorset Police. The partnership includes representatives from

  • Housing
  • Police
  • Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue,
  • DAAT
  • Housing Benefit
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Probation
  • Supporting People
  • Immigration Enforcement.

The key objective is to reduce the negative impact of identified premises in the community on anti-social behaviour, criminality, housing disrepair, housing management issues and fire risk. To date the focus of the work has been;

  • Phase 1 - Identified accommodation with support
  • Phase 2 - Identified problematic Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)

Where are we now?

Operation Galaxy has been running as a partnership since 2012 and has been an operational project since April 2015. The project has now formally closed its first phase following significant success, and is concentrating on Phase 2.

Phase 1 Success

  • Multi Agency Risk and Impact Assessment. Over 500 units risk/impact assessed. Target properties identified and all accommodation with support in the target area mapped
  • 237 units subject to multi agency inspections
  • Significant improvements to housing standards, fire safety, reduction in ASB. A reduction in crime, improved provision of support and housing benefit interventions
  • Closure of one scheme in target area
  • Providers engaged in improving schemes to reach higher standards. Launched a Providers Forum to improve engagement and promote best practice
  • Foundations for future work and methodology/operational practice
  • Partnership work and multi agency protocols
  • Overall, 39% reduction in accommodation with support provision since 2012 in wider Operation Galaxy area – 48% reduction in Boscombe

Phase 1 has now been formally completed. However, 4 properties have been identified as having a consistently unacceptable impact on the local community. These will be further analysed to consider future strategy and plans.

Multi agency inspections will be called if a property is identified as problematic under the Dynamic Inspection Procedure. Critically, the partnership will continue to raise awareness of the issues and impact of a high density of this form of accommodation to ensure no further schemes are opened in the target area.

Phase 2

Funding comes from The Police Crime Commissioner, Bournemouth 2026 and the Council. Operation Galaxy has employed a Police Analyst and three Operation Galaxy Officers including a lead officer.