Successes So Far

How operation Galaxy has had a positive impact

Success to date

  • Risk and Impact Assessment of the problematic premises has been completed three times – resulting in the ability to track progress and trends
  • Analyst post at the heart of the project is proving very effective
  • Completion of analysis of top 20 most prolific offenders in the target area now complete
  • As at 6/9/16 46 HMO’s  inspected.
  • 29 of these HMO’s have had formal requests to their landlords for improvements. These inspections have led to numerous referrals to other services for support. 
  • Working protocols and virtual team practices established
  • Significant joint work on target properties and individuals resulting in immediate reduction in risk and impact on vulnerable individuals as well as the community
  • There is a high proportion of vulnerable people living in the Galaxy area. Alcoholism and drug dependence are prevalent as are Mental Health issues and people with poor physical health.

The secret to our success

  • The analytical work at the heart of Operation Galaxy is key to the entire project – the simple principle is; identify, task, act
  • The study of the top 20 most prolific offenders is a significant piece of work which gives unique insight in to the history and social factors behind criminality in an area of significant deprivation. It will be used to form strategies and actions going forward and to challenge agencies to work to prevent and reduce reoffending
  • The operational links and close team working is an invaluable asset
  • Linking intelligence from multi agency sources and the project itself.
  • Strong joint leadership of the project has resulted in seamless partnership work and joint commitment moving forward


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