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BH Coastal Lottery Small Grants Scheme

The BH coastal lottery gives small grants to community projects providing services within Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Before applying for a small grant, you must check that the voluntary or community organisation is eligible:

BH Coastal Community Fund - small grants awarded

22 March 2020 Small Grants (Bournemouth)

  • It’s All about Culture – A volunteer led registered charity promoting activities to foster understanding between people of diverse backgrounds and cultivating a sentiment of inclusion as well as understanding between people of different cultures and races celebrating cultures. Cultural kitchen equipment for healthy food demonstrations and Broadband/Wifi to promote the centre and activities. £500.00
  • Joy Café - A not for profit, community focused café in the heart of Churchill Gardens in Boscombe. The provision of community meals (bringing people together, strengthening the community, reducing isolation) and outdoor family activities with an environmental theme/workshops. £500.00 (Delayed due to Covid restrictions)
  • Kushti Bok - A volunteer led registered charity promoting race equality awareness and educational work amongst gypsy and travelling communities in Dorset. Open event in Kinson with traditional Romany food, collecting stories and raising awareness/education with wider community. £250.00 (Delayed due to Covid restrictions)
  • Umoja Arts Network – A registered charity promoting equality and diversity for the public benefit and the development of the African Caribbean residents. Facilliating ‘Black Men’ and ‘Black Women Talking’ sessions; reducing feeling of loneliness, promoting community involvement, access to health services, exploring ideas for businesses and the arts and developing resilience against discrimination. £460.00
  • Vita Nova – A registered charity that offers arts activities, in particular theatre, to the ‘recovery’ community. Though its dynamic work Vita Nova gives informed choices about drug and alcohol abuse and breaks down stereotypes about the disease of addiction. The provision of educational performances at 3 settings in Bournemouth and a community performance; music and creative writing workshops.  £499.99 (Performances delayed due to COVID restrictions).

3 May 2020 Emergency COVID response (Bournemouth)

  • BCHA – Bournemouth Refuge – Not for profit registered Housing Association. Introduce a loan scheme for laptops in each of the 18 units to enable digital inclusion. Using the internet safely (resources from Women's Aid) it can be used for school work; online shopping; online workouts; online visits; internet banking; etc. £2,500.00
  • Bournemouth Above and Beyond – Registered Charity. To support an additional tenants and volunteers (veterans suffering with PTSD) to assist with garden maintenance ready to integrate into community and prevent tenants being penalised because of condition of garden. £1,800.00
  • Bournemouth Parks Foundation – Registered Charity. Adapting Parks in Mind project from outdoors to in. Either by online (befriending, support, yoga, info. re Samaritans, etc) or sending a small project through post plus teabags and inspiring readings. £1,200.00
  • Citizens Advice BCP – Registered Charity. Laptops and smart phones to enable volunteers advising in the Bournemouth area to work safely from home. Includes; benefits, housing, employment, discrimination and other issues. £2,500.00
  • Community Action Network (CAN) – Registered Charity. Additional staff time to Support Together We Can; Volunteering programme; expert advice to new and existing voluntary and community groups and sharing information about what support is on offer in Bournemouth. £2,500.00
  • Connie Rothman Learning Trust – Registered Charity. Supply of laptops to 11 vulnerable/not in school young people to ensure online learning is progressed; stability and support continued. £2,475.00
  • Creative Kids – Registered Charity. Free alternative childcare spaces to 22 children from most vulnerable/high risk families. 20 weeks. Free spaces are usually subsidised from trading income which no longer an option in lockdown. £2,500.00
  • Dorset Polish Centre - Registered Charity. Protecting most vulnerable; sewing and delivering PPE masks and scrub bags; Baking and delivering hot buns; Yoga via Zoom (explaining Zoom to elderly). £1,143.43
  • Faithworks -Recovery workstream. Registered Charity. New support programme of calling clients every week and continued development of Revive Facebook community. £2,500.00
  • Friendly Food Club – Not for profit organisation. Cook Box/Bag. Contains everything needed for families to cook a healthy meal whilst ‘locked down’. Ingredients, instructions, video on FB, tips for home learning. 70 boxes per week for 8 weeks. Bournemouth area – 560 boxes. £2,500.00
  • Music Lovers Bollywood - Not for profit organisation. Weekly radio programme of live discussion, music, local news and advice to the South Asian communities (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal). Mix of Hindi and English (shared languages). Plus, shopping and hot meal delivery to 35 people per week. £1,220.00
  • Safe and Sound Dorset - Registered Charity. Providing and delivering essential supplies, beyond food, to vulnerable women in Bournemouth/Boscombe area (in hostels, supported/temporary accommodation, etc.). £1,850.00
  • Samaritans – Registered Charity. Improve the safety of volunteers supporting people in crisis. Deep clean of office and other personal sanitising products and taxis for volunteers who would otherwise use public transport. £2,409.00
  • Townsend Community Association – Registered Charity. To provide support for: older, vulnerable and those self-isolating; families and individuals who have reached a financial/food crisis; children/families of the Townsend Children’s Project. £2,500.00
  • West Howe Community Enterprises - Registered Charity #stayhome activities and befriending for mental health and wellbeing during lockdown. A 12 month programme of virtual competitions and online classes and groups to bring the community together and aid their collective mental wellbeing and community spirit. £2,500.00.

21 March 2021

To be confirmed.