The Bournemouth Recovery Treatment system is made up of different services. Each service is there to offer help and support during the different stages of a recovery journey.

The BEAT - getting help

The only way to access the treatment system and the services available is through the Bournemouth Engagement and Assesment Team (BEAT)




Contact the BEAT for help or to access treatment and services if you're affected by drugs and/or alcohol. A 'one stop shop' to find the help you need.


Detoxification is the process of clearing substances from your system and your body adapting to being substance free.

Substitute Prescribing

Substitute prescribing can help people overcome dependency on drugs such as heroin.

Talking Therapies

Throughout the recovery treatment journey, talking therapies - often referred to as psychosocial interventions' - are available

Recovery And Reintegration

Recovery And Reintegration