Support For Parents Misusing Drugs Or Alcohol

We can work with the whole family to help parents who have a problem with substance misuse

Family Programme

This programme is able to support parents, where one or both parents, have a problem with substance misuse.  Staff will work with the whole family and can:

  • advocate on behalf of the family (speak up for them) to help them find the right support
  • support parent/s to stop drinking or using drugs and get back on track
  • provide support within the family home
  • work with the BEAT to make sure the family can access all possible treatment options to improve their outcomes
  • work with different agencies to help parents prioritise the needs of their children

Referral routes can be via:

  • BEAT 01202 558855
  • Access to Resources Team (ART)

Parenting Puzzle

A 12-week programme for parent/s who are or who have had a problem with substance misuse.

  • Referral via the BEAT 01202 558855.

R-Hub Recovery & Re-integration

The R-Hub offers a variety of family friendly activities in the afternoon for people in recovery.

  • Contact R-Hub for more details 01202 397288