Feedback On Services

Tell us about your experience of our services, so we can find out how to improve

Here's how:

  • Use our online feedback form
  • Individually or in person. Do this by letter, email or phone call at any time to the person who provides the service you have used 
  • There will be specific times when you use a service when you are asked if you would like to provide feedback. This will either be asked for by the service directly or by service user representatives acting on behalf of the Commissioner.
  • By letter to:
    Drug and Alcohol Commissioning Team Manager
    Community Learning and Commissioning
    Bournemouth Borough Council
    Town Hall, Bourne Avenue
    Bournemouth BH2 6DY

Tell us about your experience of:

  • Drug & Alcohol Commissioning Team (DACT),
  • Bournemouth Engagement & Assessment Team (BEAT)
  • Substitute prescribing service (SDAS)
  • Structured day programme
  • ‘R’HUB – aftercare
  • Detox (please state where you had your detox)
  • Residential rehabilitation (please state where you stayed)
  • Counselling
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Central Needle Exchange service
  • Pharmacy Needle Exchange
  • Young Peoples service
  • Family / Carers service

Please note we cannot process feedback given on services other than those listed above as they are not commissioned by us or Public Health Dorset. 

We really value feedback - it helps us to learn what's working well and where we can improve. Each year we publish a report showing the comments we have received, anonymously, along with our response.