Mentor Training

Before you start your mentoring role, you'll need to complete our useful training sessions 

There are four training sessions that you must attend:

Session 1

Explores what mentoring is and offers guidance around the code of conduct, expectations of mentors, young adults and the scheme, and the types of issues care leavers face.  

Session 2

Focuses entirely on safeguarding, giving you all the information necessary to keep young people, and yourself, safe.

Session 3

Covers the attachment theory, logistics and practicalities, personal boundaries and hopes and fears.

Session 4

Explores communication skills and active listening skills. We also cover developing trusting relationships and ways to engage young adults. 

Further training 

There is also additional specialised training for all mentors during their involvement in the scheme. Mentors are offered access to any training provided to paid members of staff within Children’s Social Care.