Priorities - Environment

Our objectives for improving Boscombe's environment

Our key objectives for improving the environment in Boscombe, how we are achieving them and progress reports of what we have done. 

Invest in parks and open spaces


  • Improve Boscombe's public spaces, making the environment more enjoyable to be in

Enhance the appearance of the area


  • Reduce perception of litter and rubbish lying around
  • Improve the physical "fabric", for example, street furniture, street lights, drains and pavements

To see more information including the challenges we face and what we have done so far, please click on the link below to see the full Boscombe Commitment. 

What we have done

There is more information available on the challenges we face and what we have achieved so far in the full Boscombe Commitment. 

What can you do?

For highways, Street Cleaning and Recycling & Waste enquiries, please contact Ask Bournemouth on 01202 123123.

For more information regarding the Boscombe Environment Action Plan, please contact the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership at