Priorities - Housing

Our objectives for improving housing in Boscombe


How we are improving housing in Boscombe and progress reports of what we have done. Homes for Boscombe Vision 2017 - 2020

Secure a more sustainable profile of accommodation


  • Improve the quality of accommodation across all tenures
  • Increase numbers of those owning their home
  • Reduce the number of bedsits and increase the number of self-contained homes for families

Create a more sustainable community


  • Reduce the number of households with complex needs
  • Encourage more working households to move in to the area
  • Improve housing management across all tenures
  • Reduce levels of overcrowding

Improve Churchill Gardens with targeted activity


  • Improve the quality of accommodation
  • Restore the architectural look of the area
  • Improve the public open space
  • Promote home ownership

What we have done

There is more information available on the challenges we face and what we have achieved so far in the full Boscombe Commitment.

What can you do?

Report persistent anti-social behaviour by phoning 01202 451433.

To report a noise problem that is taking place between 2200 - 0200 hours on either Friday or Saturday night telephone 01202 451145. For further noise complaints call 01202 451296. 

For more information regarding the Boscombe Housing Action Plan, please contact the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership at