Priorities - Young People

Our objectives for improving education and attainment in Boscombe

How we are achieving our key objectives and progress reports of what we have done.

Improve educational outcomes for local children


  • Make sure local children have the best opportunities for learning
  • Close the gap between children's attainment in Boscombe and the rest of the town

The challenges faced by families and children in the Boscombe area are different to those in the rest of the Borough.

Crime, substance misuse and domestic violence are not uncommon. They can affect a family, even if they are not directly involved in it.

For many families, English is not their first language. The type of housing means that many families move around a lot. All of these things can impact upon the families and the development of the children but these are not unique problems.

There are other areas across the country that suffer from similar challenges. We will be looking at what works well elsewhere to help support families and develop children. The aim is to develop new ways of working that will benefit Boscombe's families.  

What we have done

More information is available on the challenges we face and what we have achieved so far in the full Boscombe Commitment.

What can you do?

Boscombe Children's Centre in Ashley Close offers a wide range of services in a family-friendly environment. Pop in to find out what you can get involved in. There are courses such as cooking on a budget, English for beginners and practical parenting and opportunities to volunteer. Drop in sessions or just making new friends for you and your family.

Telephone: 01202 395534 

For more information regarding the Boscombe Education and Attainment Action Plan, please contact the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership at