Growing Food in Bournemouth

Local produce, better for the environment and the economy

Growing our own food in Bournemouth is better for the environment and for the local economy. Buying from local producers cuts carbon emissions from vehicles transporting food from a distance.

What are we doing to help?

Dorset Urban Food Project

Bournemouth Council is a partner in the Sustainable Food City Partnership which aims to develop a sustainable food supply chain in Bournemouth, Poole ant the surrounding areas 

The Big Dig

Bournemouth Council is also a partner in The Big Dig - a national initiative to promote community food growing and to encourage local people to get involved in their local community garden.

Nurture Collective Trust

Bournemouth Parks work as part of the Nurture Collective Trust at Kings Park Nursery. This project works with adults and children with learning disabilities and Kings Park Primary School. It teaches horticulture skills and provides locally grown vegetables and fruit for school children.


The Council supports Fairtrade and now serves Fairtrade products.