Eat Sustainably

Tips on how to eat better, save money, boost the local economy and cut carbon emissions 

Here are some tips on how you can eat better, save money, boost the local economy and cut carbon emissions too.


the amount of unwanted/unnecessary food you buy and use leftovers rather than throwing them away. See Love Food Hate Waste for more ideas.

Grow your own

Start growing some of your own food either at home, in pots, window boxes, on a balcony, in the garden or at an allotment.

Try local, seasonally available ingredients

Buy food from your local farmers' markets to reduce food miles and help the local economy. Eat The Seasons has a calendar noting what seasonal produce is available each month.

Consider organic produce

Organic foods don’t use synthetic chemicals or fertilisers and products aren’t genetically modified. Because there are fewer chemicals, there’s less impact on the environment.

Buy animal friendly products

Reducing the amount of meat and dairy products you eat reduces your impact on the environment. How about trying a Meat Free Monday? Check where your meat and dairy has originated, and try to identify and avoid products where any animals involved have come in to harm or have been treated unfairly. Perhaps switch to free range eggs.

Choose fairly traded products

Choose products, such as Fairtrade certified, for foods and drinks which are imported and you can’t source locally.

When eating out try to choose restaurants that use local produce, are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.