Places to Meet

Information about meeting places in Bournemouth, who to contact and how to book

The guide has the following information on hiring venues: 

  • Who to contact
  • How many rooms are available
  • How many people each room can hold
  • Disabled access
  • Catering facilities
  • Car parking 

If you have questions about the venues, contact them directly. 

We are always updating the Place to Meet guide. If we’ve missed a meeting place, let us know by calling 01202 395512

Community centres

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Our community centres can be used for social, educational or recreational purposes. They’re run by independent voluntary Community Associations.

For more information, call 01202 451165

Read more about volunteering in a Bournemouth Community Centre.

Contact details for Bournemouth community centres  

Kinson Community Centre

Pelhams Park,
Milhams Road,
Kinson, BH10 7LH
Telephone: 01202 572826
Fax: 01202 593012
Contact: Kim Leaver

Moordown Community Centre

Coronation Avenue,
Moordown, BH9 1TW
Telephone: 01202 536268
Fax: 01202 536268
Contact: Wendy McGarthland

Strouden Community Centre

31 Vanguard Road,
Strouden Park, BH8 9NY
Telephone: 01202 980161
Contact: Brenda Moore

Muscliffe Community Centre

Shillingstone Drive,
Muscliffe BH9 3LR
Telephone: 075916026885
Contact: Jillian Kinsley

Ensbury Park Community Centre

Ensbury Avenue,
Ensbury Park, BH10 4HG
Telephone: 01202 536255
Fax: 01202 536255
Contact: Bernie Culver

Townsend Community Centre

Jewell Road,
Townsend, BH8 0JT
Telephone: 01202 301556
Fax: 01202 301556
Contact: Pauline May

Beaufort Community Centre

Beaufort Road,
Southbourne, BH6 5LB
Telephone: 01202 417143
Fax: 01202 434203
Contact: Shamas D’ Agostino


Howe Croft Community Centre

1 Turnbull Lane, BH11 9BG
Telephone:01202 581918
Contact: Nicky Croft

The Phoebe Centre

Gloucester Road, BH7 6JB
Telephone: 01202399199
Contact: Gary Stillman