Heart Of West Howe

A residents' project looking at the future development of Cunningham Crescent in West Howe, Bournemouth. 
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About West Howe 

West Howe offers housing, recreation space, education and community activities to thousands of people.

At its heart on Cunningham Crescent there is a convenient parade of shops. The youth centre is well used by young people, community groups and private functions. There is a popular library, Moore Avenue Park and the Children's Centre. 

With the increase in population, greater pressure on our housing waiting list and with the community facilities being so well used, Cunningham Crescent is running out of space.  

What is the Heart of West Howe project? 

We'll be working with the West Howe Regeneration Partnership to work out together how we can invest in the heart of West Howe. To house and serve future generations of residents better than before.

Together we will develop options for the future, and prepare a wide scale community engagement to inform plans.

It would involve a few meetings per month and time sharing information and listening with your neighbours and other local interested parties.

Does this sound like you?

  • Well connected with other residents and able to feedback to your neighbours accurately and fairly
  • Enthusiastic about improving health and well-being in West Howe
  • Interested in improving our parks, streets, buildings and homes
  • Enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills
  • Would like to help organise public events to inform local residents and hear what they have to say

Get involved 

If you'd like to be part of this, please get in touch with Martha Searle to register your interest. You will then be invited to the first event.

You can also find out more about background design research that has gone into the area. Have a look at the West Howe Active by Design: A Vision for Physical Regeneration document