West Howe Priorities

The West Howe Commitment sets out a vision for three important areas


People want to create a better life for themselves, their families and their community. They can access the training and education they need to develop skills and achieve their ambitions, improve their health and take control over their life.

Relationships are respectful and constructive. People have self-respect, high and realistic aspirations which they are able to achieve.

Our aims to help improve skills:

  • Ensure young people do well at school
  • Make sure everyone can read and write
  • Increase the number of residents with qualifications in Maths and English
  • Make sure residents have skills that are relevant to employers
  • Employment rate to be the same in West Howe as for the rest of the town
  • Local people take advantage of existing training and employment offers
  • People to be as healthy as in the rest of the town and try healthier activities

A number of activities are taking place to achieve these aims, including:

  • Bringing schools and other agencies together to improve young people’s attainment
  • Supporting the local Job Club
  • Supporting Health Helpers to provide peer support on healthy lifestyles
  • A series of activities and courses are also being provided, under the “Howe Inspired” and “Wellbeing” projects funded by the partnership, set out in this quarterly produced Wellbeing Brochure
  • We make sure that Bournemouth wide provision such as Outset Bournemouth (www.outsetbournemouth.co.uk), support West Howe residents into self-employment


There are inspiring and entertaining things to do for all ages in high quality buildings and spaces. People make good use of local parks and open spaces and there is a focal point for community activity, bringing people together.

Our aims to help improve the West Howe area:

  • High quality local facilities are well used by local people. More people use the heath and other green spaces. Increased range and take up community and arts events and activities
  • More groups and volunteers help to plan and run events and activities
  • The local environment is safe and in good repair, fewer anti-social behaviour incidents and West Howe recognised as a good place to live and go to school

Several activities are taking place to achieve these aims, including following up on the Active by Design process. Residents were engaged in evaluating West Howe’s streets, green spaces and community buildings and considered how the area’s physical assets could improve people’s health and wellbeing. The final report A Vision for Physical Regeneration sets out the key recommendations.

The Police are also successfully leading the three P’s – Perimeter Partnership Policing – working from the centre of West Howe and focussing on small areas to tackle issues relating to crime, the environment, vandalism, anti-social behaviour with support from the local community . We have seen a rise in reporting and have been able to respond to residents’ concerns.


People manage their money well and take up all opportunities to secure employment and improve their economic situation.

Our aims to help improve managing finances:

  • Everyone to manage their money well
  • People who are out of work to be able to take up opportunities to get into work
  • Residents to get the advice and information they need
  • Divert people from door step lenders
  • Reduce the proportion of income spent on energy and improve the take up of renewable energy offers

To respond to this the partnership has ensured that Citizens Advice Bournemouth and Poole hold a weekly surgery in West Howe. Attempts are being made to bring a Credit Union to the areas. The Job Club and courses / activities run through the “Howe Inspired” project, funded by the partnership, are developing people’s skills and ability to improve their economic situation. We ensure that any available energy efficiency scheme is well targeted in the area.