Corporate Plan

How we plan to make Bournemouth a better place

We have a Corporate Plan for 2017–2018. This explains our priorities, known as ‘Ambition 2020’, and how we intend to carry them out over the next year.

Our ‘Ambition 2020’ priorities are as follows:

Developing the future of local government in Bournemouth

Developing proposals for the future provision of local government services in South East Dorset.

An efficient council 

Delivering value for money services that people want beyond the nine to five by:        

  1. Becoming a 24/7 council
  2. Developing our workforce
  3. Managing sound finances
  4. Making the best use of our assets
  5. Working in partnership

An active community

Promoting a town where civic pride is strong and residents are supported to take a lead in their future by: 

  1. Helping children and young people to achieve their potential
  2. Helping to improve older people’s quality of life
  3. Improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities for residents
  4. Supporting Bournemouth’s communities with a focus on providing regeneration opportunities in Boscombe and West Howe
  5. Working with others to ensure people are safe and feel safe

An improving environment

Providing high quality infrastructure for residents, businesses and visitors while protecting and enhancing our beautiful environment by: 

  1. Building a world-class seafront
  2. Working with others to meet Bournemouth’s housing needs
  3. Promoting sustainable travel
  4. Improving the quality of Bournemouth’s built environment
  5. Protecting Bournemouth’s parks and natural open spaces

A thriving economy

Strengthening our key industries and creating new opportunities for growth and development by:

  1. Improving Bournemouth’s evening and night-time economy
  2. Building a smart and connected digital town
  3. Growing a vibrant digital and creative business sector
  4. Playing our part in a thriving conurbation
  5. Investing in our tourism economy

To see how we’re doing with these, visit our performance page.