Data Protection Act - Exemptions

Under the DPA you have a right to access personal information that we hold about you

Sometimes we won’t be able to share the information we have with you if they relate to certain circumstances, these are known as exemptions and are set out in the Data Protection Act.

We may not share your personal information with you if we’ve only used your information for research purposes or if doing so would: 

  • Interfere with the prevention or detection of  crime, or the assessment  or collection of any duty or tax.
  • Prejudice our ability to carry out regulatory or enforcement actions.
  • Cause you or other people harm, and education or social care services would stop working with you (this exemption only applies to social care and education records) 

Third party information

If your information mentions other people, it’s called third party information. This includes your friends and family, as well as what a doctor may have said about you.  

To protect third parties, we may have to edit information before we can share it with out, or we may not share it at all.