Data Protection for Revenue and Benefits and Electoral Services

The Cabinet Office can use our data to protect us all from fraud

It is our legal responsibility to protect all the public funds we receive. To help us detect and prevent fraud, we can share information with other authorities.

The Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office checks our accounts by appointing an auditor. They are also responsible for data matching exercises.

The Cabinet Office requires us to participate in data matching exercises to prevent and detect fraud. Data matching allows us to identify potential fraudulent claims. We investigate any matches before we can assume that the matching data relates to fraud.

The processing of data by the Cabinet Office in a data matching exercise is carried out with statutory authority under its powers in Part 6 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. It does not require the consent of the individuals concerned under the
Data Protection Act 2018.

Visit the Cabinet Office’s website for information about data-matching and the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), their legal powers and Fair Processing Notices: