Council and Democratic

We’re the Local Authority for Bournemouth. That means that we make decisions that affect the lives and livelihoods of people in Bournemouth. You elect our councillors as your representatives. You can also get involved in our council meetings.


Find out who your local Councillors are. Search by name, ward and party.

About your Council 

Learn about how we run the Council and create policies for Bournemouth, and see our future plans. Find out how we provide and protect information.

Council Meetings 

The Cabinet makes decisions in Bournemouth. Council meetings mostly take place in the evenings.

The Mayor 

The Mayor chairs full Council meetings and attends public events. He also support charities and hosts a volunteer awards ceremony.

Get Involved/Have Your Say 

There are several ways you can tell us about issues in Bournemouth. You can do this as an individual or as part of a group.

Equality and Diversity 

There are a range of communities in Bournemouth. We’re committed to learning more about them and offering equal opportunities.


You can find statistical information for Bournemouth here. This includes population figures, Census data and other useful information.

Members' Allowances

and Pecuniary (Financial) Interests

We have a legal duty to publish an annual statement of allowances paid to councillors during a financial year. We also publish a list of their pecuniary interests.