Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Committee description

“Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel” for the former Bournemouth Borough Council. Bournemouth is now part of BCP Council, please See BCP Council committee meetings for the latest agendas, minutes and meeting information.

The Council has six overview and scrutiny panels and each panel has a membership of nine non-Cabinet councillors. The panels have the task of challenging and influencing the development of council policies, helping to improve and maintain performance of the Council’s services and holding the Cabinet to account. Each panel has its own work programme. Whilst they do not make decisions themselves, they make recommendations to the Cabinet and the Council on matters referred to them.

The Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel is the Council's designated crime and disorder committee. It has statutory duties relating to crime and disorder / community safety which it undertakes through scrutiny of community safety partnership arrangements.



Committees Membership