Council Meetings

The Cabinet is made up of 10 councillors. They are responsible for making decisions in Bournemouth. There will be times when you can attend Council meetings


Cabinet Member Decisions

Cabinet members can make individual decisions. Non-executive council members can challenge these decisions in a five-day period.

Committees & Panels

Agendas and minutes of meetings, committees and panels. Recommendations and decisions about how we provide services are taken by different committees.

Council Calendar

Find out when our meetings are taking place

Officer Decisions

This page displays decisions taken by Officers that are major operational decisions.

Asking Questions at Council Meetings

If you're on Bournemouth's Electoral Roll, you can ask questions at meetings. These should be short and relevant.

Filming Council Meetings

You can film council meetings and share these on social media. However, you can't film anybody who's asked not be filmed.

Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny reviews executive decisions and contributes to policy development.

Questions from Previous Council Meetings

Questions asked from previous Council meetings and find the questions asked at recent meetings.