Overview and Scrutiny

How you can get involved

You’re welcome to get involved with the Overview and Scrutiny process.

Overview and Scrutiny is a function of the Council which has a role to develop and review policy, holding decision makers to account and involving the community in decision-making. 

Overview and Scrutiny is:

  • A watchdog – reviewing the Cabinet’s decisions and holding them responsible for them
  • A think tank – exploring issues and contributing to policy development and budgets
  • An influence – considering and sharing local concerns 

Overview and Scrutiny can lead to:

  • Better services
  • Better decision-making
  • Opportunities for communities, residents and businesses to get involved with policy-making
  • Better clarity and responsibility for us
  • A chance for councillors to develop skills and knowledge that can improve policy-making 

How it works

Overview and Scrutiny has four goals:

  • To give decision-makers constructive criticism
  • To give the public a say in decision-making
  • To be run by independent-minded councillors
  • To make public services better

There are six Overview and Scrutiny Panels.

You can see who’s in the panels and agendas and minutes from their meetings by clicking on the following link and clicking on an Overview and Scrutiny Panel:

Getting Involved

When reviewing a subject councillors will collect evidence and can invite you to a workshop or seminar. You can share thoughts about the decisions the Cabinet or other relevant decision-makers are thinking of making or has made. They’ll then tell the Cabinet or the decision-makers about what you’ve said and what they think should happen.

Contact your local councillor or the Overview and Scrutiny team to get involved with a review.

Before you do this, you should consider:

  • Why you think a service or problem needs to be reviewed
  • Any supporting evidence
  • What changes you want see

Alternatively, you could get involved by becoming a Community Representative. You’ll get to work with councillors in the Overview and Scrutiny process. Please use the Contact Us form below to get in touch.

Find out more about Overview & Scrutiny on the Centre for Public Scrutiny website.