2015 Parliamentary Election

Parliamentary Election Results for Bournemouth

Parliamentary results

Results for the Parliamentary Election are:

The elected candidates are highlighted in bold.


Bournemouth East Constituency

 Surname Other names DescriptionResults 
 Ellwood Tobias Martin  Conservative Party  22,060 
 Hughes David Norman  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  7,401
 Keddie  Alasdair Green Party   3263
 Nicholas Jon Martin  Liberal Democrats   3,752
 Ross  David Hugh  Bournemouth Independent Alliance 903 
 Stokes Peter   Labour Party 7,448 

Turnout: 62.55%


Bournemouth West Constituency

 Surname Other NamesDescription  Results
Burns   Conor  Conservative Party 20,155 
Franklin  Dick   Patria 99 
Houlden  Martin  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  7,745 
McManus   Elizabeth Joanne  Green Party 3,107 
Plummer  Mike  Liberal Democrats  3,281
Stokes   David  Bournemouth Labour Party 7,386

Turnout: 58.45%

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Parliamentary Election