Kinson South Election

Local Election for two council seats

Kinson South Election

On 10th December 2015, there was an Election in Kinson South for two council seats.

Background Information regarding the Election

This Election followed a ruling by the High Court after the result of the May 7th poll was challenged. The challenge came about because an error at the printers meant that the ballot paper books for Kinson South were labelled ‘Kinson North’ and vice versa, meaning the incorrect ballot papers were sent to polling stations and, for a short time, issued to voters. This resulted in 115 electors being unable to vote in the Kinson South election.

The High Court ruled that the first placed candidate at the election, Councillor Laurence Fear, had been validly elected on 7 May because the number of electors affected by the error was not sufficient to affect his election. However, the election of the second and third placed candidates (Roger Marley and Norman Decent) was declared invalid because the number of electors affected by the ballot paper error was sufficient to affect their election.

The Council made the necessary arrangements for the Election to take place on the 10th December. 

An independent investigation into the causes of the ballot paper error, which the court described as “a simple, unfortunate, printing error” has been undertaken and will be considered in public at the Audit & Governance Committee on 20th January 2016.


Bournemouth Borough Council has published a Notice of Election and the results for the Kinson South Election.

Kinson South Election Results
 Baxter, Beryl Labour Party  471
Darnton, Geoffrey  Green Party  54
Davenport, Philip Bournemouth Independent Alliance 168
 Decent, Norman David  Conservative Party Candidate 520
 Dixon, Kevin Patria  8
 Dunn, Phil,   Liberal Democrats 60
 Farr, Duane William  UK Independence Party (UKIP) 313
 Gregory-May, Carla Christina Rachel  Green Party 63
 Marley, Roger George  Conservative Party Candidate 509
 Pardy, Gill  Liberal Democrats 61
 Semple, Mel  Labour Party 371
 West, Roger Alexander  Bournemouth Independent Alliance 116

The Candidates elected were Norman David Decent and Roger George Marley.