Kinson South

Ward Results

*the elected candidates are highlighted in bold. 

 Surname Other names DescriptionResults 
Baxter  Beryl  Labour Party   1083
Churchill  Dee  Green Party   471
Davenport  Philip  Bournemouth Independent
Decent  Norman David  Conservative Party 1147
Fear  Laurence  UKIP   1224
Grower  Ben  Labour Party   951
Marley  Roger George  Conservative Party   1188
Pardy  Gillian Elizabeth  Liberal Democrats   378
Perkins  John Majid  Conservative Party   919
Semple  Dr Mel  Labour Party   875

Turnout: 50.13%

The result of this Election was challenged and so there was an Election for this ward on 10th December 2015.

For more information regarding the Kinson South Election, or for the results, visit the Kinson South Election webpage