Changes to bus subsidies (Borough of Poole)

Monday 25th September (11:00) - Sunday 29th October 2017 (23:59)

Borough of Poole Council is reviewing the budget for subsidising bus services, with a view to reducing or withdrawing subsidies for some services.

The affected services are:

  • Route 7A/B/C
  • Route 11 (Sunday service)
  • Route 32
  • Route 445
  • Route H1

Some of these services cross into or close to Bournemouth Borough and so some Bournemouth residents may be affected by the proposals.

If you wish to have your say about any of these proposed changes please use the links below to respond directly to the Borough of Poole.

7 A/B/C  Upper Parkstone – Alderney / Bloxworth / Tower Park (Monday to Saturday)

11  Poole – Alderney – Bearwood (Sunday)

32  Poole – Oakdale – Broadstone – Merley – Kinson – Bournemouth (Mondays to Saturdays)

445  Bearwood – Merley – Allenbourn Middle School (Schooldays)

H1  Broadstone – Canford Heath – Upper Parkstone – Westbourne – Bournemouth (Saturday)